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Caribbean AF! Playing mas' is my favourite part of the carnival experience, and I actually made an effort to take good pics of my costume this year, so you know I'm going to blast my feed with EVERY angle of me in this outfit right?!? ūüėā #sorrynotsorry The road parade at Bermuda Carnival was SO FIRE and chipping down the road to soca and dancehall tunes made me so immensely proud of my Caribbean heritage. Carnival is a vibe that you can't accurately put into words: the colours, the sounds, the dancing, the glitter, the food, the heat, and the overall spirit can only really be understood when you experience it for yourself!

Oneika Raymond

Bermuda is a British island territory in the North Atlantic Ocean known for its pink-sand beaches. The island has a distinctive blend of cultures and its capital is Hamilton. Here are a few tidbits from my most recent trip:‚Ā£ VISIT CRYSTAL CAVES - it is one of the most magnificent wonders I have ever seen. HAVE A SWIZZLE and make sure there's rum on top. You will thank me later - trust me! EAT EVERYTHING but particularly the Bermudian breakfast, its codfish and potatoes with boiled egg and bananas and the sauces. Listen it rejuvenates you and bestows upon you the ability to SUPAHDRINK cause I am still wondering HOW! FIND YOU A BERMUDIAN - Whether Male or female, find one of these creatures and strike up a conversation NOW. Talk about anything including paint drying - it doesn't matter - their accent will CAPTIVATE you and I need you to HEAR IT!‚Ā£ The colors reflected in the waters surrounding this island paradise can bear no witness to the superior comfort the locals provide. Bermuda can surely be considered the most expensive places in the World, but I implore you - visit so you can see exactly why!! BERMY, I LOVE YOU!

Designing Daryl

Birds of a feather flock together. Reminiscing to Designing Daryl & I’s take over when we stepped foot on the road! Bermuda Carnival was such a movie, where else can you find sooo many Nova Babes in one place!


Flashing back to my favourite event of Bermuda Carnival - Isle of Devil's J'ouvert. Blog post coming this week on But let's just say....This is the best party in Bermuda. You would like to not be missing it next year. Mmmk?

Tara Sapien

#TBT to the weekend before last when I was winin’ to the sunrise at J'Ouvert in Bermuda! This is hands down one of the dirtiest times in my life (I had paint and powder in places one should never have paint & powder), but also one of my favorite moments of 2019. Bermuda Carnival was my first Carnival experience and I can definitely see how people get hooked and become Carnival Junkies. Trinidad 2020? Maybe.

Kent W. Johnson



Bermuda has mastered the art of combining dramatic island landscapes with a prosperous economic center.  While although we are best known for our Shorts and the Triangle, you may be surprised to find out that the World Bank has constantly rated Bermuda in the top 5 richest countries in the world!  Our sparkling jewel in the middle of the Atlantic is within 700 miles off the East coast of the United States, boasting subtropical weather, fauna, flora, clear waters and pink sand. Think about it, in as much time as it takes to watch the season finale of American Idol, you can travel to Bermuda and immerse yourself in a culture steeped in British politeness and Caribbean flare.  Our smiles are infectious, and if you are not careful, you will return home talking with the soft Caribbean accent sharpened by an English twang.


Our official currency is the Bermuda Dollar, which is on par to the US Dollar and used interchangeably throughout the island.


The Bermuda Carnival will be the official start of the summer!¬† You can expect balmy temperatures between 73¬įF ‚Äď 81¬į F and our waters will be warmed to about 77¬įF, perfect for the raft up on the 13th!


There are numerous places to stay to fit any budget, from AirB&B, Guest House accommodations to full service 4star hotels. Click here to take a look at all the options!

If you want to know more about our island, please visit the Bermuda Tourism Authority Website!


Getting around the island is very simple: public transportation (bus and ferry); rental scooter (no cars) and taxi’s.

BUS/FERRY: while the price may be economical, the times may not be convenient. Be sure to check the schedule for timings. This service typically ends around midnight.

TWIZY: two-seater mini car. These are the latest transportation rage on the island which are roughly $79 per day. There are a few companies that rent them! Check out Current Vehicles or Bermuda Rental Car to book yours!

RENTAL SCOOTER: While these are very convenient, we suggest you not drink and drive. Smatts Cycle and Oleander Cycles are very reliable.

TAXIS: it is always the most easy and convenient to have someone else drive! We suggest pre-arranging your taxi and driver before you arrive to avoid long waits. There are several taxi companies on the island:

  • Island Taxi- TEL: 441-295-4141
  • Bermuda Taxi ‚Äď TEL: 441-296-2121
  • Bermuda Industrial Union- TEL: 441-292-4476


Bermuda is a British island territory in the North Atlantic Ocean known for its pink-sand beaches such as Elbow Beach and Horseshoe Bay. The island is split into 9 (nine) parishes where there are over 65,000 people residing. The island has a distinctive blend of British and American culture.

CAPITAL: Hamilton

POPULATION: 65,331 (2016)

SIZE: 21 sq. mi.


Under 2 hours to New York, Boston and Philadelphia
Under 3 hours to Toronto and Miami


  1. You must have a VALID, machine-readable passport to travel to Bermuda.

  2. Married women whose identification documents are in their maiden name, but who are travelling under their married name should also carry their marriage certificate or certified copy as further proof of identity.

  3. Bermuda law does not tolerate drug trafficking.

  4. Upon entry to Bermuda you must fill out the Bermuda Customs ‚Äď Immigration form. You must know the address of your accommodation in Bermuda to complete this form. You will also need to complete the Customs Traveler Declarations Form if you are bringing goods or gifts to Bermuda that will stay in Bermuda.

  5. A return or onward ticket, i.e., a round-trip ticket, or other proof of onward transportation to a country to which the passenger has right of entry is required of all visitors. You will not be allowed entry to Bermuda on a one way ticket.

  6. See the following link for visa information


Let us customise your travel package for Bermuda Carnival 2020! Our personal travel concierge will ensure you have an enjoyable experience from start to finish!

Your package can be setup to include:
Transportation to and from the events
Event tickets
and more…

To have our concierge put together a package for you, please email

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